Practical, tactical ADHD resources

ADHD doesn’t have to be complicated. These videos and articles are quick snapshots of good quality ADHD information, presented for you to try at home.

 (Credit to Gretchen Rubin and her podcast “Happier” for the structure!)

Onward and upward!

Planning & Problem Solving

Planning and problem-solving is the final category of executive function we explored in the ADHD Sweet Spot membership.  Conceptually, planning and problem-solving equate to mental play.  It’s about juggling the

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Self Awareness

Self awareness is the ability to understand your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  It is a key executive functioning skill. In fact, some would argue it is foundational to all the others. When we are aware of our own thoughts, feelings, and motivations, we are better able to control our impulses and make choices that are in our best interests.

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For the past few weeks we have been exploring the six key executive functions in my ADHD Sweet Spot membership.  Using our educational content and our three-times-a-week live small group

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Working Memory and Inhibition

In our ADHD Sweet Spot membership we are spending a few months breaking down the six main executive functions: working memory, inhibition, self-motivation, emotional regulation, planning / problem-solving, and self-awareness. 

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The pen dilemma

One thing I’ve noticed about ADHD is that it can sometimes come with a pen-sensitivity. Ok, bear with me. This is not scientifically proven.   Let me explain. My daughter

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Delayed or Different?

The human brain… is amazing! Also, in large part, it is still a mystery. It is one of the most complicated organs in our body. It is tightly integrated with

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