ADHD iD Coach - Jodi Green

Get an experienced, compassionate ADHD coach in your corner

No matter what stage of your journey, an ADHD coach will bring calm to the chaos.

Do you have a child with ADHD? Perhaps you have ADHD yourself?

Not sure how to manage the challenges and complexities of ADHD?

Need help living well with ADHD?

Looking for a whole family approach that works in real life?

No matter what stage of your journey, an ADHD coach will bring calm to the chaos.

Your questions answered, your confidence soaring

With me as your ADHD coach

You will learn:

More about the condition

because knowledge is power

How to navigate the

ups and downs of life with ADHD

How to create routines

that work for the whole family

How to constructively deal

with teachers so they can support your child

How to make confident

decisions about treatment


ADHD iD - Jodi Green

Jodi Green

Founder of ADHD iD

Meet Jodi Green, founder of ADHD iD

I’m a highly experienced and qualified ADHD coach. As a parent of a child with ADHD, I get it.

When you get an ADHD diagnosis, it’s tough news to swallow. I’ve helped many Melbourne families transform their ADHD mindset from “this is the worst news ever” to “It’s okay, I’ve got this.”

My ADHD coaching services

Everyone starts with Your ADHD Big Picture. It’s a two-part session where you learn more about the condition (no question is too dumb) and agree your goals for successful living with ADHD.

Some families finish there, getting all the information they need from two sessions. But, if you need ongoing support, I offer a variety of ongoing ADHD coaching programs.

This condition is complex and challenging. My mission is to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need so that you no longer need me as your coach.


Who I work with

Parents of children with ADHD

Teenagers and university students

Adults with ADHD 

Schools and teachers

Psychologists, paediatricians, GPs, maternal health nurses and other health professionals


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