Make the most of your ADHD brain

  • Stop the overwhelm
  • Get more things done
  • Join a gang of people just like you

Sweet Spot Membership is currently on pause. Take a look at my resources instead.

What is the ADHD Sweet Spot membership?

A supportive membership led by me, ADHD coach Jodi Green, for people with ADHD.

Join a crew of people with neurodiverse brains to get ongoing accountability, support and ideas for living a better life.

  • Monthly membership with no lock-in contract
  • Daily support via the group chat
  • Three coaching sessions a week
  • Access to the latest evidence based solutions for living
    well with ADHD

Meet your coach - Jodi Green

Learning you have ADHD can bring relief

Finally, you understand what you’ve been dealing with all your life. It’s not your fault, and you’re not lacking in discipline or willpower. Getting the diagnosis can be very freeing. Now that you know it’s ADHD, everything makes much more sense.

However, you still suspect there could be better ways of doing things. You just need to learn how to set yourself up for success.

You want to:

  • try better ways to achieve your goals
  • lose the pressure you put on yourself
  • feel satisfied with yourself at the end of every day.

If that’s you, the ADHD Sweet Spot is perfect for you.

What you get in the ADHD Sweet Spot membership

Weekly guided planning session

Every Monday at 12 noon – 1pm AEDT

Every Monday, join me and other members to plan your week with ease

Get everything out of your head and down on paper

Learn the tricks and hacks that help people avoid distractions and get things done

Enjoy the calm of knowing you’ve got a plan and you’re taking action

Banish overwhelm and perfectionism

Stay accountable with the group and share your wins

Weekly group ADHD coaching session

Every Wednesday at 12 noon – 1pm AEDT

Discover new ways to avoid distraction and stay focused 

Enjoy working with your brain’s strengths, not fighting yourself 

Join a bunch of enthusiastic neurodiverse people eager to help you

Dive into latest evidence based learnings with me as your guide 

Get your questions answered – any question at all 

Feel supported as you navigate life with ADHD

Body-double co-working session

Every Friday at 10am – 12 noon AEDT

Get your deep work done together with the group

Go to the weekend on a high knowing you’ve nailed the priorities for the week 

Get the accountability you need to focus on the most important tasks 

Gain the support from other members as we all take action together 

Workshop road bumps and distractions as they happen in real time 

Learn more ways to keep yourself on track without feeling restricted or boxed in 

Instant access to the vault

Access 24/7

Get all the previous recordings and coaching sessions on ways to live better with ADHD. 

Topics include: 

  • time management 
  • confidence 
  • planning 
  • organisation 
  • decluttering 
  • managing distraction
  • building focus 
  • working with others 
  • living better day-to-day 
  • setting goals and achieving them 

There’s over 40 hours of recorded training in the vault, and more being added every week.

Sweet Spot Membership is currently on pause. Take a look at my resources instead.


What Sweet Spot members say

Get daily support in the group chat

Life happens, so jump into the group chat and ask a question or get help when things get tough. 

Or celebrate your wins, life hacks, or a-ha moments! 

Here’s some samples of conversations in the group chat:

I’m your ADHD Coach, Jodi Green

I’m a highly experienced and qualified ADHD coach.

As one cog in a 5-member family, spanning a combination of neuro-typical and neuro-diverse brains, I get it! When you get an ADHD diagnosis, you are often left to figure out all the practical implications on your own. Medication is great, but there is so much more to being supported in the way you deserve.

My mission is to support you and help you with:

  • gaining self-acceptance and confidence
  • improving your knowledge of ADHD
  • discovering neat, simple, practical solutions
  • bringing calm from the chaos
  • creating a plan and supporting you to implement it 
  • adopting mindset shifts that change how you approach – your day-to-day

My credentials

  • certified ADHD coach with the USA based IACT Center
  • established ADHD ID in 2017
  • provided support and guidance to hundreds of people –
    living with ADHD and their families
  • parent of a teenager with ADHD
  • strongly identify with a lot of ADHD symptoms myself!

I also have a Bachelors in Commerce and Engineering from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction from University of Melbourne. (So I’m qualified in both logic and listening 🙂)

In the Sweet Spot, we celebrate the little wins and the BIG shifts

Types of little wins

One member uses the Monday planning session to create priorities for the week, and gaining comfort in knowing that if things go awry, there’s always another planning event coming next week 

One member readjusted the family meal plan to make life easier for herself, meaning no more stress and overwhelm when she walks in the door after a busy day of work at 6pm 

One member learned how to use focus tools to trigger herself to get into the hyperfocus zone and get more deep work done

Types of big wins

One member stopped viewing herself as broken and flawed and embraced new ways to work that make daily life much easier 

One member felt supported as she advocated for her neurodiversity at work and negotiated a more flexible way of working with her employer

One member feels a huge sense of relief after her diagnosis, and stopped being so hard on herself for struggling to get organised. She is now much happier and relaxed in daily life as a result.

Who’s a good fit for the Sweet Spot membership

People with all presentations of ADHD can join the Sweet Spot.

You don’t need a diagnosis to join

If you suffer from the common ADHD symptoms like: 

  • distractibility and loss of focus
  • difficulty concentrating
  • impulsive speaking
  • overwhelm 
  • struggle with planning and organisation 

AND if you beat up yourself constantly for your inability to ‘get it together’ — Sweet Spot is for you. 

Medicated or not medicated? You’re welcome either way.

Some members love medication and others find it doesn’t suit them. And some members are still testing and exploring medication options. Regardless of your treatment plan, we will support you. 

You need to be aged 18 or older to join – this is a membership for adults. The membership is not a replacement for medical advice from your ADHD specialist or GP.

Want a sneak peek into the membership to see whether it’s right for you?

It’s $167 per month, no lock-in contract

Not sure it’s for you? Just join for a month to try out the membership. If you like it, stay. If you don’t, cancel your membership any time.

That’s around the cost of a good quality monthly coaching session, but with 12 times the contact and chances to connect. (And the good quality coaching is included 😉).

Price includes GST for Australian residents.

Confidence guarantee: If you join for a month, come to at least 50% of the sessions and find it isn’t right for you, I’ll give you a full refund of your first month membership fee.

Life can be great with ADHD

Yes, sometimes ADHD is a struggle, but would you have it any other way?

You’re funny, creative and clever. You exude empathy and intuition. You have a unique way of seeing the world, and people love you for it.

When you learn to manage the impacts of ADHD your life can be so much more effortless and easy.


  • using the latest planning techniques to get more done
    knowing how to manage your distractibility and stay
  • getting valuable support and advice from others just
    like you
  • feeling confident, calm and capable about your ability to
    achieve your goals

That’s what you get with the Sweet Spot membership


Each call is scheduled via Zoom and you can come to as many or as few as you wish. 

But I do encourage you to attend as many as you can to get maximum value from your investment.

The planning calls and weekly group coaching calls are recorded in the membership hub, so you can watch the replay any time.

No, you don’t have to be formally diagnosed with ADHD to join?

We are not anti or pro medication. Some members use medication, while others don’t. You will get support no matter what treatment options you choose. 

When you join, you set up a monthly direct debit, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with payments. 

Still not sure? Book a chat with me

If you’d like to chat with me, get in touch.