Get your Goals sorted, ADHD-style

  • Get clear on what you really want
  • Boost your productivity
  • Have a cheerleader in your corner

Coaching services are currently on hold. Until I am back, please stick around and take a look at my resources.

Apply for 1:1 Coaching with Jodi

What is 1:1 ADHD Coaching all about?

This is the space to get clear on your goals, and be supported to work towards that Future-You. Work with me, ADHD coach Jodi Green, by your side.

Join a guided program exploring your vision, and your ADHD. Together we’ll find ways to work with your ADHD brain and the executive function challenges it throws at you.

  • 6 month program, with monthly payments
  • Your own private coaching session each month
  • 1:1 video messaging to trouble-shoot in between
  • Access to the ADHD Sweet Spot for community support,
    training modules and extra weekly support

Learning you have ADHD can bring relief

Finally, you understand what you’ve been dealing with all your life.


It’s not your fault, and you’re not lacking in discipline or willpower.
Getting the diagnosis can be very freeing.

Now that you know it’s ADHD, everything makes much more sense.

I suspect you have something big in you. A purpose to fulfil, a difference to make in the world. However, you can’t quite get the traction to feel aligned and on-purpose. You just need to learn how to set yourself up for success.

You want to

  • get clear on your mission
  • stop spinning and second-guessing yourself
  • feel calm and satisfied that you’re doing the
    right things

If that’s you, then I want to be your Coach.

What you get in 1:1 Coaching

All the goodies in the ADHD Sweet Spot membership PLUS

Monthly private coaching session

Via Zoom, timing to be agreed

We’ll get your goal crystal clear, and make a plan to get there

We’ll map out the ways ADHD helps and hinders you

Create a strategy to step out of the unhelpful ADHD spin

Stay the course to your goal, managing those shiny distractions together

Trouble-shooting via video message

Video messaging available from the first session

Nut problems out with me when hurdles arise

Video chat to stay in touch (usually within business hours)

Update your progress in between sessions

Note: this is not me hassling you to “keep you accountable”, this is me being available when you need to talk something through

Body-double co-working session

Every Friday at 10am – 12 noon AEDT

Don’t forget you get free access to the Sweet Spot as one of my valued clients

You can get your deep work done together with the group

Go to the weekend on a high knowing you’ve nailed the priorities for the week

Gain the support from other members as we all take action together

What other 1:1 Coaching clients say

I’m your ADHD Coach, Jodi Green

I’m a highly experienced and qualified ADHD coach.

As one cog in a 5-member family, spanning a combination of neuro-typical and neuro-diverse brains, I get it! When you get an ADHD diagnosis, you are often left to figure out all the practical implications on your own. Medication is great, but there is so much more to being supported in the way you deserve.

My mission is to support you and help you with:

  • gaining self-acceptance and confidence
  • improving your knowledge of ADHD
  • discovering neat, simple, practical solutions
  • bringing calm from the chaos
  • creating a plan and supporting you to implement it 
  • adopting mindset shifts that change how you approach – your day-to-day

My credentials

  • certified ADHD coach with the USA based IACT Center
  • established ADHD ID in 2017
  • provided support and guidance to hundreds of people –
    living with ADHD and their families
  • parent of a teenager with ADHD
  • strongly identify with a lot of ADHD symptoms myself!

I also have a Bachelors in Commerce and Engineering from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction from University of Melbourne. (So I’m qualified in both logic and listening 🙂)

Who’s a good fit for 1:1 Coaching

If you have a big goal and your ADHD is getting in the way, you are in the right place. 

You don’t need a diagnosis, but you do need something…

…if you have a dream, something you know is not yet fully alive in you but you catch an inkling every now and again, let’s get it moving!

Maybe you:

  • have a business you know needs a bit more
  • have a passion you want to explore
  • have a job you want to knock out of the park
  • have a family you want to get humming

AND you can feel that ADHD is holding you back — Coaching is for you.

Coaching services are currently on hold. Until I am back, please stick around and take a look at my resources.

You need to be aged 18 or older and out of secondary school for this coaching – this is a program for adults. Coaching is not a replacement for medical advice from your ADHD specialist or GP.

It’s $347 per month, for 6 months

Not sure it’s for you? I have a 30-day, money-back cancellation policy on all 1:1 coaching agreements.

You’ll get great coaching, Sweet Spot access and between-session support. Imagine feeling calm and confident as you move towards your Future-You vision.

Price includes GST for Australian residents.

As of February 1st, 2024, I will be opening four new places for 1:1 coaching. You can submit an application now and let me know you would like to get started.


All coaching is conducted via Zoom. You can be anywhere as long as you have a distraction-free space and a stable internet connection. Some people like to walk while being coached, in which case we just go camera’s off.  

We can reschedule if you give some notice, but if you miss more than one session we’ll have to have a chat about remembering!

No, you don’t have to be formally diagnosed with ADHD to join?

No, this 1:1 program is designed so you get some momentum and consistency. Each agreement is for 6 months so that we have clear set-up, progress and completion.  

Yes, but you need to begin a new 6-month agreement. This is to make sure I can keep opening new spaces with confidence in my schedule.   

Yes, as long as the 6 month program doesn’t extend beyond 7 months. One exception to this is if you’d like to skip a session in January. I’m completely happy to have more beach time in Jan 🙂   

When you sign your agreement, you set up a monthly direct debit, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with payments. This will conclude after 6 months, even if we’ve scheduled a break and the final session is in month 7. 

Still not sure? Book a chat with me

If you’d like to chat with me, get in touch.