Individual Coaching

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Individual Coaching

You are smart and capable, and yet you’re getting stuck on things others do with ease. That’s ADHD, right there! That can lead you to an experience of life that is frustrating and disheartening. And you’re here, reading this and wondering if there is a way forward.

I’m here to tell you there IS! When you decide to work one-on-one with a coach, you have access to someone who gets it, someone who is 100% dedicated to your success, and someone who knows what it’s like to create change.

Who is our Individual Coaching for?

Wondering if this is right for you? If you are an adult with ADHD, ready to go deep and find a new paradigm for growth, you are in the right place!

Individual coaching can absolutely take centre-stage within an ADHD care plan. What I mean is that coaching is the practical, rubber-meets-the-road support you can apply to daily life, but is it less effective if you don’t have your medication and psychology needs met.

I can’t wait to meet you!


When you get coached, you get heard. Not just listened to, but really heard. One of my clients once said “it’s like having an hour of air-space, all to yourself!” The secret to great coaching though, is hearing AND knowing what to ask to provoke deeper awareness and forward momentum.

In one-on-one coaching you will get to identify your goals, and find clarity and support to move towards them. There is no fixed agenda when you work with a great coach. You bring the agenda, so it can’t help but be uniquely tailored to you.


What people are saying

“Jodi was extremely reliable, dependable and knowledgeable. She listened without judging and would let me talk through what I needed to unload before helping me to come to my own solutions.

She never pushed her methods on me and always respected my need to work out my own plan according to my perceived constraints, style, personality and beliefs. I was really grateful for this.” – VS


When and where?

Individual coaching with Jodi happens every weekday, so please express your interest and we’ll be in touch to find a suitable time.

Coaching Location:

It will be held in the comfort of your own home (aka Zoom) – BYO blanket and hot beverage.


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