Aligned ADHD Parent Support Coaching

I'm here to support you, while you support your kids. I am living it too, so let's work together.

Aligned ADHD Parent Support Coaching

When you have ADHD, it is so easy to feel isolated. Imagine the relief of hearing someone else echo the thoughts that have been running around your head!

You will be heard here, and you will contribute to hearing others, too.

Do you have a kiddo or teen in your life with ADHD? I’m sure you are doing everything you can to support them, and maybe to make their life a bit easier than yours, right? And that’s why you’re here, reading this. And that’s why I wrote it!

You are such a huge piece of the puzzle that will slowly come together to create your child’s success. All (like, AAALLLLL) the research points to the beneficial contribution parent training makes in the life of a child with ADHD.

There is a community of parents to share with and learn from, in specifically designed small groups where everyone gets to play! 4 other parents (or couples), plus Jodi’s teaching and expertise leading the way. There will be education, space for your own application and lots of coaching.

Who is our ADHD Parent Support Coaching for?

Wondering if this is right for you? If you are a parent, care-giver, concerned adult in the life of a child with ADHD, and you are ready to share and learn and make changes, you are in the right place!

Each group is small – you and 4 other parents or couples – designed for everyone to have a turn, and nobody to be left out. I’ve been coached enough to know that some days you just want to take it all in, and other days you’ve got a burning question and you need to get it out!

I can’t wait to meet you!


Get a reality check. What is it like in other families? Are we doing it right? You’ll get so much from this 6 week group.

Community, connection, inspiration, and understanding. You will be heard and understood, and supported to find a new path for supporting your kids, and yourself.

We’re going deep into:

  • understanding the ADHD brain
  • managing expectations, and life stage frameworks
  • parenting from strengths
  • emotional regulation
  • kids clutter and/or homework challenges
  • redefining your daily family experience with ADHD

You won’t just hear me rabbit on about these topics, you will find the application that makes a difference for you, and see the benefits in real time.

I support you to make the ideas into real-life actions, which is WAAAAY more effective than listening to a podcast!


What people are saying

I found being part of this group to be educational, supportive, and amazing. Jodi was an incredible help!!” – CE


“I liked Jodi’s energy. I liked the camaraderie – a feeling that this small group get my struggles because theirs are similar.” – HH


Want to join?

Program Date:

The dates for Term 2 groups will be open shortly.

Program Location:

It will be held in the comfort of your own home (aka Zoom) – BYO blanket and hot beverage.


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