A variety of ADHD coaching services to suit you

ADHD Coaching Services

Your ADHD Big Picture

This is the essential first step in working with me as your ADHD coach.

It may be all the coaching you need, or you could choose an ongoing coaching program to continue working with me. 

When you first get an ADHD diagnosis, your mind is buzzing with questions. You may be worried about preconceived notions about ADHD. You’re not sure about the variety of ADHD coaching services on offer. No question is too silly and no concern is too outlandish to address. 


Your two one hour ADHD Big Picture sessions include:

1. The basics

establishing what you want from coaching and how we will best work together.

2. ADHD 101

learning more about ADHD, how it occurs, what it looks like, and creating a solid management plan that works for you.


identifying your unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

4. Life assessment

thinking about the spheres of your child’s (or your) life and figuring out which ones need attention.

5. ADHD calendar

identifying the significant events over the next 12 months that will play a part in your success.

What you will get:

– confidence in dealing with the specialists you are working with

– better knowledge of the condition 

– set the foundations of a strong coaching relationship

– a plan to move forward 


ADHD Big Picture is completed over two sessions – one hour each, one to two weeks apart. We both have homework, and at the end you have a great tool for managing life with the condition.

ADHD Big Picture is a great place to start for a teenager and their parent/s to see if coaching can be helpful.


Ongoing ADHD Coaching Packages

Level Three

gold coaching

The best way to get momentum and see things shift is with weekly coaching. Frequent meetings means you get plenty of support, learn quickly and gain prompt confidence in your ability to manage ADHD.

Many clients start with this and move to less frequent coaching when the tactics they’re implementing start showing real results. 

  • $540 for six sessions, billed in six-week blocks  
  • online or in-person coaching
  • only available after ADHD Big Picture 

Level Two

happy medium

If you’re not ready for the intensity of weekly support, you might prefer a three-month strategic approach. Get fortnightly coaching, with clear goals for the three months ahead. You can start here, or move down to this level after you’ve achieved momentum and clarity with some weekly coaching sessions.

  • $540 for six fortnightly sessions, billed in three-month blocks 
  • online or in-person coaching
  • only available after the ADHD Big Picture

Level one

shoot the breeze

Want to see me on an ad-hoc basis? Not willing to commit to ongoing coaching? You can book single sessions when you need me. If a tricky issue arises and you need expert guidance, a single session (or two) is ideal. You can brief me about the problem and together we’ll formulate an action plan so you can manage it with confidence. This is often used by clients who have successfully moved away from ongoing coaching, but need to check in from time to time. Also useful for advocacy, if you’d like me to attend a meeting with you at your child’s school.

  • billed individually, $110 per session
  • online or in-person coaching
  • only available after the ADHD Big Picture.

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Study support coaching

Studying requires concentration, and that’s not easy with ADHD. I teach students with ADHD how to study effectively. I’ll help you plan each study session, understand your motivation, and cut through the overwhelm of juggling multiple subjects with multiple deadlines. 

During these sessions my focus is:

  • giving you the confidence to study effectively working with (not against) your ADHD
  • helping you reduce bad study habits and minimise unwanted distractions
  • help you create the ideal cohesive study space to support your productivity
  • having action-oriented conversations without complicated stories or explanations 
  • keeping you accountable to your study goals and helping you get started and get finished
  • getting results: finding the fastest, easiest and most fun way to get your study done

I use a term or semester-based approach, but it’s never too late to start. 

  • 10 week school term – $900 (pro-rata available)
  • 13 week university semester – $1170 (pro-rata available)
  • Exam period – customised timetable of coaching to support your exam schedule.

ADHD teacher training

Teaching students with ADHD is tough. You need to manage the child, keeping them engaged while dealing with twenty or so students in the class, all with their unique needs and gifts… eek! 

I give you the confidence to handle students with ADHD, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to understand the condition, work alongside parents and deliver the best outcomes for the child (and your whole class). 

Reduce your stress and find the joy in teaching students with ADHD with a teacher training session with me. 

You will learn:

  • more about ADHD and the latest developments in this complex condition
  • strategies to keep ADHD students engaged and learning
  • how ADHD presents differently in girls and boys 
  • how to modify your approach to varying student requirements 
  • how to manage expectations of the child, parents and other students

Help your students embrace ADHD, so they become learners who are not limited by ADHD.

  • a one-hour session for one to two staff members, presented in person at your school – $150
  • half hour lunch-time talk for the staffroom – $150


I offer engaging and knowledgeable presentations on all aspects of living with ADHD. Get realistic strategies, not wordy neuroscience in an informative and relaxed session.  

Topics I speak on include:

  • ADHD 101 – the who, what, where, when and WHY of ADHD
  • parenting kids with ADHD
  • teaching kids with ADHD
  • DHD in teen years and adulthood – managing a diagnosis later in life
  • the school to university transition
  • ADHD coaching and how it can work for you
  • ADHD myths debunked

I speak for meetings and conferences with associations, health and wellbeing professionals, educators and interest groups. Contact me on 0411 122 512 to discuss your needs and I can tailor a presentation to your specific interest. 


ADHD Coaching Services

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