A variety of ADHD coaching services to suit you

ADHD Coaching Services

So, you've got your ADHD diagnosis

When you first get an ADHD diagnosis, your mind is buzzing with questions. You may be worried about preconceived notions about ADHD. You’re not sure about the variety of ADHD coaching services on offer. No question is too silly and no concern is too outlandish to address. 

Maybe you’ve known about your ADHD for a while. But something tells you it’s time to get a fresh approach. A friend or a professional might have suggested coaching as another tool for you to explore. This is an awesome place to find out more.

There are some options here for you. 

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

If you have felt alone or unsupported with your ADHD, I hear you.

I want you to feel connected and understood. There is room for you in a coaching group. Jodi and 4 other adults with ADHD challenges will share an hour a week of education, space for your own application and coaching.

Working in a small group will magnify the impact of coaching and expand your growth beyond what is possible on your own.

ADHD Group Coaching (2)

Supporting Parents

Support for parents

Are you a parent of a child or teen with ADHD?

I’m right there with you.

You probably have some understanding, but you’d like to go a bit deeper, and mostly I suspect you want a place to have an honest conversation and reality-check what’s going on in your house with others who are in it too.


Individual Support

Individual Coaching

Got some goals you want to smash?

Want a place to say the things you just can’t say anywhere else?

Individual coaching is all about you.

Work with Jodi one-on-one to identify your goals and find clarity and support to move towards them.

Articulate what’s holding you back, and get ready to fist pump when you find that success you’re after.



“I signed up for the Aligned ADHD coaching sessions because I was recently diagnosed and really needed tips on how to manage my everyday life more effectively. I found being part of this group to be educational, supportive, and amazing. Jodi was an incredible help!! – CE”

“The Aligned ADHD coaching sessions seemed like good value, and I liked Jodi’s energy. I liked the camaraderie – a feeling that this small group get my struggles because theirs are similar. – HH”


ADHD Coaching Services

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