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ADHD Coaching Services

You're Smart, Educated and there's still something missing?

So many ADHDers have got the foundations right, but still feel like there’s something missing. Coaching is the piece of the puzzle that covers that last gap. I like to call coaching the place where the rubber meets the road. It’s the tool that gives you access to the daily, practical experience of living your best life with ADHD in the mix.  

My absolute passion is helping you learn the tools of coaching, and to coach you to make the changes you want in your life. My style is a blend of practical (like including a planning session because planning is hard with ADHD) combined with mindset (like digging in to the emotions behind your procrastination).  

Here at ADHD id there are two ways to access coaching.  

Click here to read about the ADHD Sweet Spot – so much value, and no waiting list! 

Click here to read about the VIP Program – membership plus bespoke coaching, limited to 12 VIPs in 2023.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Everything I do, I believe in people. People with ADHD deserve a space to feel understood, to find their sweet spot and bring their uniqueness to the world. I create this space for ADHDers in my coaching membership, the ADHD Sweet Spot. Wanna join me? 

ADHD Sweet Spot is not just coaching. And it’s not your typical self-paced video-based membership. It’s a place to find your sweet spot and make it work, with friends, in real time, and with an expert.  

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Supporting Parents

Support for parents

Are you a parent of a child or teen with ADHD?

I’m right there with you.

You probably have some understanding, but you’d like to go a bit deeper, and mostly I suspect you want a place to have an honest conversation and reality-check what’s going on in your house with others who are in it too.


Individual Support

Individual Coaching

The ADHD Sweet Spot is open now. 

VIP coaching is coming soon, available exclusively to members of the Sweet Spot.


“I signed up for the Aligned ADHD coaching sessions because I was recently diagnosed and really needed tips on how to manage my everyday life more effectively. I found being part of this group to be educational, supportive, and amazing. Jodi was an incredible help!! – CE”

“The Aligned ADHD coaching sessions seemed like good value, and I liked Jodi’s energy. I liked the camaraderie – a feeling that this small group get my struggles because theirs are similar. – HH”


ADHD Coaching Services

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