What is ADHD Coaching?

Coaching is an idea we can easily understand in sport. A player with a certain level of innate ability works with a coach to help them improve; to go beyond what they could do on their own. A good coach is an expert in their sport. They can see things about the player’s game that the player can’t, and help map out steps to greater success. A coach can share in the inevitable disappointments and then re-focus the player on moving towards their goals.

ADHD coaching is a lot like sports coaching. Whether you are experiencing the challenges of ADHD yourself or you are a parent of a child with ADHD, the truth is that you have a whole host of innate skills, You have relied upon these skills to date, and you have had success along the way. Sometimes though you get stuck or unsure of yourself, or just plain stressed out with keeping your family moving. Working with an ADHD coach lets you access an expert’s perspective, and gain clarity for the next steps to keep moving towards your goals.

When you work with me at ADHD-iD you can expect to gain clarity and education on exactly what ADHD is and how it shows up. You can expect to be heard and have your concerns understood with empathy and compassion. And you can expect clear and effective strategies tailored to the needs of you and your family.