Sanity School


Feeling stuck? At the end of your tether? Want to get practical strategies to navigate everyday life with your complex kid? I think this will help…

Sanity School™ Live is teaching, training and coaching all mixed together.  Learn about what makes your child tick, what that means for you and how to bring everybody’s needs into a cohesive plan for your family.

New classes are being opened each school term. Jump on the waiting list to be the first in line for each new ticket release. 

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The Sanity School™ program was created by the award-winning team at ImpactADHD®. As a Melbourne-based mum, I know resources are predominantly coming out of the US, so I attended their training and am excited to bring this great work to Australia for Australian families.

What you get in Sanity School Live:

  • 6 modules covering Activating the Brain, Shifting Expectations, Parenting with a Coach-Approach, and more.
  • face-to-face teaching, discussion and questions in a group of like-minded parents
  • 3 months of extra support via the ImpactADHD® “Office Hours” (Q&A) sessions – a chance to ask any questions and iron out teething  problems
  • access to the ImpactADHD® private online members Facebook group – a world-wide community of parents ready to support and encourage you
  • weekly program emails from ImpactADHD®, to help you stay on-track and link you to extra articles and tips

What you GAIN from Sanity School Live:

  • skills to move from frustration to calm
  • strategies for transforming challenges into growth
  • shift your operating base from stress to strategy
  • peace, calm, confidence, joy
  • regain the joy of doing the journey of life with your child, and the rest of your family.

Learn, implement and most importantly, make it stick! Register your interest now, and be the first to hear when new classes are announced!



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