Coaching Program

Step 1: Initial Strategy Session –  $110

The first session is all about getting the lay of the land. Scoping out the terrain. Unlike an appointment for diagnosis, this is more about how you are travelling with the complexities in your life and family. You will get to nut out how ADHD is affecting you or your child and you can pick my brains to increase your understanding of the condition.

With that background, we will then plot out a path forwards. The map and plan are yours, and you will know if an ongoing coaching partnership is the right fit for you.


Step 2: Choose a coaching plan

Ad hoc single sessions – $110 per  session. Not my recommended path, but might suit if you’re unsure. Allow about 50 minutes per session.

Success Series – 6 session package – $540 ($90 per session). This is where the rubber hits the road. You will have my undivided attention, and your goals are front and centre. Consistency and knowing you have a partner cheering you on are huge benefits!


Step 3: Coaching Program

Let’s start moving! Each session is 50 minutes, and is based on the areas identified in your map. Ideally sessions are weekly but there is flexibility for life to happen!


Step 4: Review

At the end of our agreed program, we have a deliberate pause and progress check. Celebrating success and lifting our eyes to the next horizon is an important way to define a coaching partnership.

Make an appointment


What is a session like?

You will find me in a peaceful wellbeing practice in Hawthorn or welcoming clinic in Donvale. I have a strong commitment to allowing you the space and time to relax and not feel rushed.

I prefer to see a parent (or both parents) without children present to allow in-depth discussion. If I am seeing a child or family, the discussion will at all times prioritize the wellbeing and participation of the child. You are welcome to let me know of any sensitive areas of concern privately before a session if a child will be present.

We are guided by your goals and the map we develop together, but in each session I will ask you what it is that you would like to work on. A great session is one in which you feel you have been able to explore the struggle you are having, increase your awareness of yourself, your family and ADHD, then plan to move forward with success.

You can expect to leave a session with clarity and with hope.