Coaching Program

Stage 1: ADHD Big Picture

This is where we establish the big picture, the lay of the land. It provides clarity for you (having to explain it), and for me (so I understand where you are at, and so we don’t reinvent the wheel).

We will talk through ADHD 101 – the basics of ADHD – and you can ask as many questions as you like (even the ones you might have been embarrassed to ask before).

We work on establishing your unique strengths, and your unique challenges.

We step back and take a big picture look at your life, and set some goals that you would like to move forward with.

Lastly, we put together an ADHD calendar – a 12 month look-ahead to guide both of us in the best way to move forward.

Key things to remember:

  • Coaching is a partnership – you are the expert when it comes to your life, and I am a skilled coach. So you could think of a coaching session as though we are bringing half of the tools each, but the end goal is your success.
  • You will get out what you put in 😊 Same as anything in life, really.
  • At the end of the second session, we will talk about what you would like to do next, including the coaching options, but also other possible ways forward.

Key Info: 2 sessions (plus a tiny bit of homework), $300.


Stage 2: Coaching – Full Program or Half Program
Full Program

This is where the rubber meets the road, for serious change-makers. We take your goals from the ADHD Big Picture, and strategically work on each one. The first three months are spent with weekly sessions – a massive jump start. Then we continue with monthly sessions for the remainder of a year, to ensure the “honeymoon period” actually turns into long-term results.


Everything possible is covered – school advocacy, workplace advocacy, family/partner sessions, coordination of supports.


Key info: $2200 for a whole year of strategic support. 12 x weekly sessions, 9 x monthly session (3 of them are included free). That is seriously good value.


Half Program

Same-same, but different. The half program is just like the full program, with attention to goals and professional standard strategic support, just shorter. The rubber meets the road in quick-fire weekly coaching to launch you on your way, then three follow up sessions ensure the shine hasn’t worn off.


Key info: $1400 for 8 x weekly sessions, 3 x monthly sessions.


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What is a session like?

You will find me in a peaceful wellbeing practice in Hawthorn or welcoming clinic in Donvale. I have a strong commitment to allowing you the space and time to relax and not feel rushed.

I prefer to see a parent (or both parents) without children present to allow in-depth discussion. If I am seeing a child or family, the discussion will at all times prioritize the wellbeing and participation of the child. You are welcome to let me know of any sensitive areas of concern privately before a session if a child will be present.

We are guided by your goals and the map we develop together, but in each session I will ask you what it is that you would like to work on. A great session is one in which you feel you have been able to explore the struggle you are having, increase your awareness of yourself, your family and ADHD, then plan to move forward with success.

You can expect to leave a session with clarity and with hope.